It's interesting how a project can change over time. Fullbloods started putting together an album of songs over a year and a half ago, slowly realizing we were forming a band. Since then a baby has been born, a move has been made, gear has been purchased, sessions have been booked, and countless hours have been spent thinking about what we're trying to accomplish. We decided to do some recording before we performed anything to the wide world of listeners.

As a band of four trained audio engineers, this had great potential to be a nightmare. As a band of four friends, we managed not to kill each other. We're nearing the completion of this album (appropriately titled "The Perpetual Machine") and we've learned a few things we think might be beneficial to share.

  • Preproduction work is important. Maybe even the most important. Having a vision of what you want to do before you enter the studio can help things go quicker.
  • Communicate your ideas to your engineer before-hand. Audio references, goofy descriptive words, pictures... whatever it takes to communicate to your engineer and yourselves what you want.
  • Be able to let go of things ...because they might not actually be what you want. To avoid blowing money and motivation, be able to morph with the project instead of trying to strong-arm it into your submission. The more people involved the more it will change, and that's the beauty of it.
  • Get it done. Book things close together and try not to draw it out longer than absolutely necessary. The longer you have to reflect on things, the greater the probability you'll want to change something. 

This album evolved so much since its conception and we're excited to share it with everyone. For now we'll be playing shows and doing cool stuff. Fullbloods power forever.

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