Three Free Tracks

Seeing as most people that use the internet tend to like things for free (and that is by no means a slam on people who use the internet) we thought we'd throw you all a bone. One fourth of our album, The Perpetual Machine, is available for no money at Golden Sound Records.

We still retain an advantage over you, however, as these free tracks are not in order and they probably won't make sense. So don't get any funny ideas that you've beat the system. We still very much run the show.


  1. Lauren
    Lauren on Feb/09/11

    Great show at The Record Bar last night!! Very talented!! Have you ever performed at Trouser Mouse in Blue Springs? Would love it if you had a show in Eastern Jackson County.

  2. Meghan
    Meghan on Feb/09/11

    …that reminds me! will there be lyrics with the coming album?! You should have a countdown ticker for how much longer until the official release..but i know you hate those :0 fullbloods rock my world

  3. Ross Brown
    Ross Brown on Feb/19/11

    @Meghan: Lyrics won’t be printed on the packaging but will be available from on the Golden Sound Records release page, as well as embedded in the digital downloads.

  4. Molly Pockets
    Molly Pockets on Feb/20/11

    Just bought the album last night from Alex and needless to say, it totally rules. Way to go guys!

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